Cultural centres

    Integral training of the person

    ARTES promotes the realization of cultural centers in Florence and Tuscany.

    In these years ARTES has promoted and supported the Accademia dei Ponti and the Poggio Alto.

    Accademia dei Ponti

    ARTES promoted and has substained cultural centre Accademia dei Ponti born in Florenze in 1984. Activities of the centre are dedicated to high school and university students, families and professionals.

    Accademia dei Ponti collaborates with cultural and education institutions of the City of Florence and of Tuscany.

    In April 2009 Accademia dei Ponti was winner of Capit Prize for the promotion of culture.



    Poggio Alto

    ARTES promotes the activities of the cultural and education centre Poggio Alto.

    Cultural Centre Poggio Alto is born in Florence in 1990, as a non-profit organization, with the aim to contribute to the cultural enrichment and to the women’s professional and spiritual development.

    Poggio Alto promotes and realizes a variety of cultural, educational and social activities dedicated to women, young and families to reach an equilibrated and deep development of the person.