BELIKEYOU Storytelling On Entrepreneur Role Models for Young Europeans is an Erasmus + project and it will involve in 2 years more than 180 high school students in 6 European countries.

Project is a strategic partnership for development of innovation between ARTES (Italy), Raibais kakis (Latvia), 4 EPAL KAVALAS (Greece), Fundacja Na Rzecz Integracji Srodowiska Akademickiego Miasta Poznania “Jeden Uniwersytet” (Poland), Colegiul economic ion ghica (Romania) and Asociacion Cultural Integra (Spain).

The main question the project wants to reply is how can we promote entrepreneurship as part of young Europeans’ culture and most important thing when they think of, see and meet an entrepreneur to start thinking that they want to be like her or him. We would like more young people to say: yes, I want to be like you! The BELIKEYOU project aims to develop an innovative digital storytelling program based on entrepreneurial role model methodology for boosting the culture of youth entrepreneurship in Europe.

It is necessary to build up a positive communication about the opportunity of being entrepreneurs in Europe through sharing stories of successful entrepreneurs, in different countries and from our heritage and from present European startups ecosystems. This should be done starting from the use of digital and new technologies and appreciated ways of communication by the young people. Young people are more entrepreneurial than ever, and certainly more entrepreneurial than their older ‘baby boomer’ parents. Having done the research on the Erasmus EU thematic site database and other resources, we discovered that no projects have emerged that address these issues.

The objectives that the project wants to reach are:

– exploring mechanism of role modeling among young people regarding entrepreneurship, communication channels that young people, especially those who want become entrepreneurs, use to build up their future career

– offer an innovative methodology to create influential and appealing digital storytelling to empower entrepreneur role models among young Europeans;

– create and improve a training program in European schools, at secondary level, put together by students and teachers in an formal and non-formal environment to produce contents of storytelling that can be spread in class and through digital means and the internet to other schools and youngsters in Europe that can impact on young Europeans role modeling promoting the career and choice of life of entrepreneurs;

-share our knowledge with other stakeholders at a local, regional and national level.

Project activities consists of:

1) Development of 2 Intellectual outputs:
– Research on youngsters entrepreneurship role modeling
– Toolkit on entrepreneurial storytelling

2) 2 Learning, Teaching, Training Activities:
– International Training for Staff on Entrepreneurial Storytelling
– International Training for Students on Entrepreneurial Storytelling

3) 4 Transnational partner meetings

4) 5 Multiplier events.

The project overall results will be:
– gained knowledge about the young people of European entrepreneurs’ success stories;
– students dealing with a storytelling about entrepreneurial role modeling in order to build guidelines of an entrepreneurial education;
– promoted entrepreneurship skills as a key to career development;
– a created common format to produce interesting stories for younger generations about entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship that can be replicated in many European countries members;

– shared common European entrepreneurship stories inspiring students to become future European entrepreneurs.

More info are avalaible on project website

Project code: 2020-1-IT02-KA201-079565
Project title: BELIKEYOU Storytelling on Entrepreneur Role Models for Young Europeans