Ethics and Young Entrepreneurs

    EYE – Ethics and Young Entrepreneurs is a training program for youth to promote entrepreneurship and business ethics.

    The program offers high school students the basic elements of “doing business” by providing the technical knowledge, laws, practices and encouraging the development of relational skills, the so-called soft skills, to start a business at the end of school or during of working life.


    The objectives of EYE are:

    – The promotion of the culture of doing business among young people

    – To propose to do business as a possible source of employment after high school

    – To create a path of integration and cultural exchange between young people of different origins

    – To appreciate the common values in the way of doing business, combining the legitimate profit with the centrality of the human person and the social responsibilities

    – To promote the development and the creation of start-up

    EYE was founded in 2012 and has seen to date five editions that involved about 400 students, including 50 businessmen and professionals, 20 companies and led to the creation of 33 business ideas.


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    About us

    Ambiente sano e collaborativo, dove i ragazzi posso esprimere le loro idee ed imparano a farle diventare realtà.

    Il progetto EYE è per me l’inizio di un grande percorso, in cui ho appresso gli strumenti fondamentali per la vita di ogni imprenditore

    Nabil Arafin