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BELIKEYOU Erasmus+ Transnational Project Meeting 2 in Poznan Poland

Transnational Project Meeting 2 of BELIKEYOU Project Erasmus + will take place in Poznan (Poland) in September 2nd and 3rd hosted by Fundacja Jeden Uniwersytet. The meeting will be fundamental to finalize the research part and to push the development and testing in European schools of IO2 Toolkit on Entrepreneurial Storytelling starting from the C1 […]

Visit the new website of the European project BELIKEYOU

The Erasmus + project BELIKEYOU Storytelling  on Entrepreneur Role Models for young Europeans is a strategic partnership between ARTES Associazione Toscana Ricerca e Studio, project leader, Raibais kakis (Latvia), 4 EPAL KAVALAS (Greece), Fundacja Jeden Uniwersytet (Poland), Colegiul economic Ion Ghica (Romania) and Asociacion Cultural Integra (Spain). For more information and insights on the project, […]

Happy Easter 2018

ARTES wishes to all Members and Friends a Happy Easter 2018 In these days it has been completed by the Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence the restoration of the Resurrection painted by Piero della Francesca, now back to Sansepolcro  (Tuscany). The masterpiece, defined by the British writer Aldous Huxley “the greatest picture in the world” tells us the strength and the meaning of Easter.